About Monique

Wellness coach Monique 42 years old

I will introduce myself, my name is Monique van Roy-Vlassak I live in Leende and am married to René van Roy. We do not have children but 2 dogs, our buddies. Before I started feeding with Herbalife, about 2.5 years ago, I did not eat In the afternoon I had breakfast and lunch in 1. But I did not feel fit and thought I MUST have breakfast ...

After 1 small message from my coach, my diet changed, enjoy breakfast with milk or yogurt and shakefood, bread I do not like .. After a few months I noticed a difference, I could handle the whole world and that in 1 day !! After almost 2 years after encouraging family and friends, I took the step Coaching yourself ... a new world opened up for me. To this day I am happy with this 1st step ... breakfast and all the follow-up afterwards.

In December 2017 I made my work from my hobby. I have joined Welzijnscentrum Valkenswaard where we help each other with "grow" to give people the right guidance to a better version of itself. Attending the academy is a party. Now I guide various people to a fitter and healthier lifestyle with nice results.

I would like to let more people experience a better version of themselves, using Herbalife healthy diet so that they can experience how I feel!

Are you curious? I'll be happy to help you soon!

Greetings Monique from Roy