Over Jasper

In my own environment that a healthy and conscious lifestyle can lead to positive changes in health. It gives me new energy every time to be able to help other people, because it is very nice to see that people are advancing both physically and mentally.


If I can relate the story to myself, I would like to share my experience. My name is Jasper Janssen and in 2017-2018 my time spent mainly on sports. But then, unfortunately, there was no conscious lifestyle in which wise choices were made in the field of nutrition. For me that resulted in:

- irregular energy

- wake up tired

- afternoon dips

- uncertain in stress situations

- muscle pain after exercise

- poor concentration


In 2018 I decided to make conscious food choices in addition to active sports. In the beginning I was guided by Tim van Herk, so that I had a stick behind me and someone I could go to with all my personal questions. Then I started with optimal nutrition to experience what it could do with my body.


In the first week I immediately noticed the difference, because before that I had cereal or sometimes not even breakfast. This motivated me enormously to continue, because I was very curious about the results with my body in the long term. I am very happy with the results and that is because of my physical progress, and certainly because of the mental level. These are the positive changes:

- Energy rich

- Confident

- Better in my skin

- Fast muscle recovery

- 13 kg of muscle mass arrived


Do you want a healthier and conscious lifestyle?

If you have a desire for better vitality, weight management or more energy, nutrition can make a big difference. If you were open to come and listen, I would like to help you with the first steps. The first step could be a free and no-obligation introduction through a personal conversation or contact at an information evening.