About Jason

My name is Jason Bourdouxhe and I'm 26 years old.

I am a professional player and good nutrition is very important here. Through the internet, I joined Herbalife because I was looking for supplements to better recover. It attracted me because I heard very well about it and it's also non-doping supplements, which is also very important

I soon joined Welzijnscentrum Valkenswaard. There, I learned how to guide people to achieve their goals and feel better. This told me more about what you can achieve and do with Herbalife. So I started to guide my parents to their own goals and they achieved great results and were also very excited. That was the turnaround to help as many people as possible to their goals.

Are you motivated to meet your goals and feel better? Contact me. 0638304278 Instagram: 24healthyfit Facebook: 24 healthy & fit