About Toine en Angela

With running our landscaping business, raising three children, housekeeping, etc. We saw decrease our vitality in recent years and increase the numbers on the scale. Until we started in June 2014 with the use of the balanced nutrition Herbalife. The F1 Vanilla shake for breakfast supplemented with fiber and vitamin supplements we felt fitter quickly and we were again delighted with the numbers on the scale.

Due to the great impact of the balanced nutrition Herbalife, we are also going to examine our diet. After this we go adapt step by step have turned this just reinforcing work with a beneficial effect on body and mind.

Our kids had to get used greatly in the beginning to daily fit and gay parents, but now they are just very happy that we started this. Logical for us to also become a Herbalife nutrition coach. With great enthusiasm we coach a large number of people, and with results. Are you the next we can go to accompany a finer, better life.

Let our food and guidance are your recipe for a good feeling.