About Sjors

Hello I am Sjors Sleddens, I was born in 1986 and have a pretty intense life. So I set up my own landscaping business in 2011, and a pest control company in 2014. Also private, I have a busy schedule, such as tracking what sports and fun things to do with friends.

The downside of all this is that I had some fatigue and suffering from minor gripes. Since I use the power of Herbalife, my normal daily diet have changed something and knows what it is doing in conjunction with exercise, it's much better.

Also I became a Herbalife coach, the reasons for this. I myself have good experiences with the food, and want to let others experience. And was regularly discussed medical knowledge at our home at the dinner table, so I've gotten a lot of interest to coach people themselves.

All this has fault me ​​decide to start my wellness practice, and to advise and guide people in the field of nutrition and exercise. The results have been very positive!

So if you are interested or would like more information, please contact welfare practice Sleddens.