About Marlies

Hi ... How nice that you're curious about details of Wellness Center Valkenswaard, looking for opportunities that are available to also make you wish come out.


Who I am: Marlies Smulders-van Lieshout, born in Waalre, living in Valkenswaard with my partner Peter Eren the proud parents of three lovely children. Undergraduate teacher education, Master SEN Special Education Needs Behavior Specialist "Homework Tutor secondary education, Personal coach from Valkenswaard Wellness Center, an active member of vocal group Cheer, I love to jog and make today a party every day!


What happened:

Stress and when the kilos flew literally, my priori tit was to put a stop to this. First yourself some experimentation but he did not and the resulting frustration did not help. Came into contact with Wellness Center Valkenswaard and directly invited to the weekly information evening.


Must try: Spontaneous as I immediately made the appointment and figured I'd be right back home. However, the information was so enlightening that I immediately started to take my health and so my life itself into their own hands. I do this exercise in conjunction with Herbalife basic program with: my changed lifestyle. With the care of a healthy breakfast deliver the balanced food for me a good start to the day that I enjoy every time.


My experience:

Easy, simple, keep quite full attention to healthy food. With small changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can take care of many positive changes. There is much that can and must, you can continue to eat tasty and cozy. Have personally experienced, are more aware of nutrition but also of many other influences around me. I get a lot more out of my day and it has a positive effect on my life.


And now:

Road is being lifeless, the fatigue that was present even before I had taken something. I have much more stamina and I feel more confident. I am now a large number of kilos lighter, which I feel super good, the sun'm home full of energy. I even walked 10 km in the Marathon Eindhoven, beam me and I feel I sparkle.


And further, my future: I would like to convey this feeling to you, if you're already so far that you really want to go before you can start with me as a personal coach from Wellness Center Valkenswaard. Call or email and make a start for the period of your life that you are guaranteed to let you enjoy a bright future!


And now you! Do you see a discovery worth to find out what healthy foods physically and mentally does to you, you also want suggestions for feeling good, your body is your most important asset!


Contact me:

Marlies Smulders 06 36301919