About Ludo

I myself have found that small changes can have on the field of nutrition and lifestyle great effects. I wish everyone good health, both physically and mentally, and find it great to meegenieten better if people get stuck in their own skin. Ludo (29) "Be the best version of yourself!" When I was 24 years old, I was looking for a business opportunity to work independently from home. Because I am increasingly aware of the impact was that could have food on your health, I am going first to experience what an impact good nutrition can have on your health. This resulted in a nutrition and awareness program, we are going to suggest then. These are my results on the nutrition program: I spent more than three hours of extra energy in a day. I lost almost 10 kg welvaartsvet ' My sports results (endurance and recovery) are significantly improved I take decisions easier and feel more confident in all actions.

By asking myself open to other ways of thinking about food, and the body on personal development, I have become a richer person in a short time! This makes me stronger every day to help more people, both in the health field as well as on a personal level.

When should you contact? In the absence of energy, vitality or health (obesity, among others) may have small changes in diet and lifestyle great effects. My approach is to help one-on-one people to live healthier and more aware with the basic good, healthy food. I hope you can help to a better life. Health is a great thing, do not settle complaints and a moderate energy level! Would you like to get the most out of life? Please feel free to contact us for this free, no-obligation introduction!